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Dream of Waking up to Luscious Lashes Everyday!

Become the center of attention with the help of Pure Envy’s Eyelash Extensions. Our Eyelash Extensions are semi permanent that can last up to 4-6 weeks and last indefinitely with touch-ups every 2-3 weeks depending on the life cycle of clients own natural lashes and other factors such as lifestyle and general care.

We make it our priority to ensure the procedure is relaxing and never rushed. Clients can relax to and unwind during their session in a calmly set private treatment rooms. Each process can take a technician normally 1- 2 hrs for new full set. We work to achieve every set of lashes to perfection using top quality lash glue and with varieties of lash sizes.

Professionally applied, our technicians will apply individual synthetic lashes to your natural lashes to give you the longer, thicker and natural looking beautiful lashes you yearn for. With the help of Eyelash Extensions, they can emphasize and give such definition to your eyes; you’ll be drawing attention to your eyes!

The result is truly amazing and we promise you will love your new lashes!

Eyelash Extensions

Full-Set (90mins – 2hrs) $178
Touch-ups (40mins – 60mins) Avg. 2/3 weeks fill from $45

Touch ups are a full appointment where our technicians examine your lash for growth and remove/replace as needed. You’ll feel as though they were your first set of extensions each time you touch up! Within an average of 3 weeks to qualify.


Eyelash Tint $18
Eyebrow Tint $15

Add-On Service

At Pure Envy Spa Bar, luxury and relaxation are never comprised. We offer personal hand massage and manicure, as well as relaxing foot massage, while you get your lashes done. For more information, please speak with the Spa upon scheduling an appointment.

Referral Perk

For every friends and family you refer to Pure Envy Spa Bar for Eyelash Extensions, receive 10% off your next touch ups.
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