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Swedish Massage A classic massage using light to medium pressure with long strokes for relaxation. It helps to relieve tension, improve circulation and increase the level of oxygen in the blood.
this service no longer available
Deep Tissue Massage A similar technique to the Swedish but with a deeper pressure. This massage uses more aggressive pressure to treat deep muscle tension and is recommended for athletic individuals.
this service no longer available
Aromatherapy Massage Choose from an array of pure essential oils to combine with the Swedish technique to help achieve a deeper sense of harmony for the body, mind and soul.
this service no longer available
Hot Stone Massage Combined with the Swedish technique, heated stones are used to gently massage & nurture the body. The combination of the heat and pressure allows muscles to relax and fully let go. Our hot stone massage will leave you feeling like a “rock” star.
this service no longer available
Back and Shoulder This quick tune-up is performed to emphasize the neck, shoulders and upper back.
30 min. $48

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